On Public Service, new season of Robin Hood production. Every fifth citizen addressed us. Upon investigations, you trust us the most. In 70 percent of cases we solved your problem, started it and put it in the focus of institutions. Again with you in the ninth season. Your first media assistance. Read More

    In cooperation with Association of judges, Civic Alliance implemented even this year the research with citizens and judges of all courts in Montenegro, about the confidence in juduciary. Read More
  • Statement on verdict of the Court of human rights

    Dear Madame/Sir,Civic Alliance (GA) welcomes the final judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case Milic / Nikezić against Montenegro, in which the GA provided free legal aid, and which confirmed the thesis that justice is attainable and represents a great satisfaction for our work on the situation in the Institute for execution of criminal sanctions. Read More

    Establishing conference of regional Political Youth Network took place previous weekend, on 29 and 30 March 2014, in Zagreb, in the frame of the regional project of offices of Youth Initiative for Human Rights, which is the member of Civic Alliance. Read More

    School of democratic leadership finished program and awarded diplomas for XIII generation of SDL. Read More
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“Robin Hood” is a show set in service to the citizens with the aim to increase the level of trust between people and institutions. It is focused on solving the problems that citizens face every day.

 ,,Robin Hood" has dealth with over 700 cases in eight TV seasons, covering the stories concerning about 70.000 citizens and groups-with 70% success rate. Newest developments include: - Establishment of direct link between the show and network of NGOs and local monitors of Basic courts and Primary Health Centers. - Signing of Memorandum on Cooperation between Union of Free Unions of Montenegro and digital open platform with all the geomaped problems of citizens on erobin.me


“Robin Hood” is a show focused on problems solving that citizens face everyday. Citizens contact the show by telephone, mail, letter or personally. They present the issue, point to all its legal and other circumstances, present the history of the problem, their most recent troubles, and point to the institution or individual in public service that are causing it, not addressing it properly or are simply in the position to solve it within their jurisdiction.

Afterwards, in short notice (when we contact our NGO sources on the field and certain lawyers for legal help), journalist go to the „field” and meet the people presenting the problem, and then the story coverage comes. In the presentation of the problem we tend to present its roots and current stage of development and how it is affecting the citizens. Other aspects of the problem, and its solution, are left to be „unfold” during the live part of the show. We present the short feature story and talk to the representative of the institution that has either caused the problem or has the means to solve it. We often have several guests because in some cases we have several institutions responsible. Their representatives try to explain all the uncertainties and clarify the situation and finally- solve the problem. Promises given to the wide auditorium are at most cases a warranty that the problem will be solved, but it is not the case always. So in several occasions it has occurred that we have the same guests in the show in different periods of year, until issue is resolved. After the conversation and presentation of the problem to the institution representative, the viewer that has reported the problem is connected to the show via telephone, commenting on the current situation or a promise of nearby solution. After that, word goes to the audience in the studio (mostly students) that then voice their opinion and critic. In this way, through interactive contact, we face all aspects of the problem and leave no space for uncertainties.

Then, the most important part of the whole „Robin Hood” concept begins. Author and editor in chief of the show remain in contact with the citizens, receiving regular up-dates from them- whether the institution involved has resolved the problem, and in which phase it is currently in. Sometimes, certain cases have been updated and „followed” for entire year, because institutions and those responsible tend to „forget” the promise or simply don’t obey the positive law standards. Certain cases have been repeated for 8 times during the period of almost two years: we air the first story filmed couple of months ago, and we remind the public on the publicly proclaimed promises and reassurances from the institutions. We then do the summary of the whole “development” of the case and afterwards we insist again that the institution involved obeys the Laws and Constitution of Montenegro that is often being violated by some officials. Constant insisting „works” very often, and after some period of time those in power react and solve the problem. INTV cameras are there to record those moments. Those moments are most important for the citizens and are also a great satisfaction for „Robin Hood” crew.



USAID publication “Corruption Assessment: Montenegro” has recognized and described “Robin Hood “ show as sole independent program dealing with complaints of citizens and thus contributing to greater public awareness of misuse of power and corruption.



Ivanovic Darko is the show’s author, journalist and editor, who realizes the show with a team of two journalists and one cameraman.

The show is realized in coproduction of TVCG, which represents unique cooperation of mainstream media and NGO sector in Montenegrin Media scene.

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